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Estate Planning Attorneys in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

You need an estate planning lawyer who can walk you through the process of creating a will — both a last will and testament or a living will. Our team knows exactly how to create these documents and can assure your loved ones that everything is set up just how you intended.

Determining how you want your estate to be handled once you pass away can be a difficult topic to consider. Many people never take the necessary steps to ensure that their possessions will be inherited by those that they choose. Instead, they turn somewhat of a blind eye towards the situation and assume that things will work themselves out in the manner they desire.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that once you pass away things will end up how you envisioned. For this reason, it is essential to be proactive in setting up a will, planning your estate, establishing a trust, or handling Power of Attorney should you be facing a set of circumstances where someone may need this ability on your behalf.

In all of these situations, waiting until you need to use it is waiting too long.

Begin Planning for Tomorrow

With a will, there is no need for your family to argue or wonder if things have been distributed as you wanted. Our attorneys at McCarter | East PLLC can help you craft and establish the will that accurately reflects your wishes.

In addition to wills, estate planning is another way to assure yourself that your family will be inheriting your possessions. People who do not take the time to handle estate planning with an estate planning lawyer often inadvertently leave their possessions to the individuals the courts or the government deem to be the proper heirs. Do not leave something so significant up to someone else. Instead, arrange a meeting with the team at McCarter | East PLLC so that you can rest assured that your estate is handled as you wish when you pass away.

Along with wills and estate planning, our team is able to work with you to help you establish Power of Attorney so that you and your family can be on the same page. Having someone who is predetermined to make critical decisions on your behalf is a part of good future planning. Again, there is no reason to leave these types of decisions to chance. If you are in need of a team to help you set up Power of Attorney, call McCarter | East PLLC.

Finally, there is at least one more option to consider: the establishment or modification of a trust. A trust is yet another way to be assured that your possessions and finances are going to the right people at the appointed time. For more information about establishing a trust or to set up a consultation, call McCarter | East PLLC today.