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McCarter | East PLLC has had a number of successes in their firm’s history. These successes include automotive cases, eminent domain cases against the state of Tennessee, contract disputes, sales of businesses, dog attacks, racial discrimination, pre-trial diversion, divorce and alimony, wrongful injury, estate division, murder cases, HOA issues, levies, consumer protection violation claims, and property management cases. Regardless of your legal need, the team at McCarter | East PLLC has a proven track record of success in handling it.

Our firm has handled automotive injury cases involving commercial drivers, cases involving individuals and negligent design and maintenance of roadways and stop signs, and cases involving companies being held accountable for their employees’ actions. In 3 cases that fit these categories, McCarter | East PLLC was able to generate $1.1 million in settlement money and recovery from responsible parties in a lawsuit of more than $550,000.00. If you’ve been in an auto accident and are looking for a settlement or someone to handle your lawsuit, we can help.

Additionally, our team has a proven record of handling private property claimed by the state. We have experience working with individuals who have accepted an offer from the state for less than what they were fairly due. Even after accepting the low offer, people have been able to come to us and have us help them claim more money. In one such case, the person who lost their land to the state was awarded $250,000.00 more than the state’s previous offer.

Our team also has successfully handled contract issues. The team has negotiated the sale of businesses -- recently selling a Middle Tennessee business for over $4,000,000.00 to a venture capitalist group out of New York. The firm has also handled disputes in money owed under the terms of a contract. Recently our attorneys helped a business collect the money owed to him. After rejecting several settlement offers for just over $500,000.00 the team went to court on behalf of the client and the client was awarded over $1.2 million in damages. The attorneys have also helped protect local businesses from lawsuits by retailers. McCarter | East PLLC has helped businesses avoid trials, resolve issues confidentially, and avoid criminal charges.

McCarter | East PLLC has also handled wrongful injuries like animal attacks. The latest examples include a young man attacked by his neighbor’s dog and another boy injured at his daycare facility. In the case of the dog bite, the firm was able to negotiate a settlement for the child and his family with the neighbor’s insurance company. This settlement included money for medical damages as well as future medical bills and plastic surgery. In the daycare case, the team was able to prove that the daycare was negligent in the maintenance of its grounds. The family received a confidential amount from the facility as a result of this discovery.

The attorneys at McCarter | East PLLC have also successfully negotiated racial discrimination cases, employee disputes, and divorce cases. In one divorce case, the attorneys were able to win a settlement for the ex-wife that included alimony of over $100,000 per year, ensuring that she would be able to move forward in a secure financial position.

Along with these cases, our team has had success handling family estate divisions and rectifying mishandling and manipulation of income disbursement to the trusts. We’ve also had great success representing property management companies, collecting more than $250,000 for one such company.

Our HOA successes include overcoming, at trial, a challenge to the validity of the formation of one HOA. In that case, the judge actually awarded a judgment to our client based upon our counter-complaint. This judgment handled HOA fees and attorney fees.

We’ve found success dealing with levies and, in fact, have had an attorney on our team collect the largest levy in Rutherford County history -- $42,000.00. That same attorney has had success defeating consumer protection violation claims on behalf of landlords, management companies, and contractors.

Finally, our team has the experience and track record to successfully handle murder trials and getting reduced sentences, pleading down charges when we’ve proven that the charge for murder does not hold merit, and preventing convictions. Regardless of the circumstances, McCarter | East PLLC can handle murder charges and help people achieve the best possible outcome.