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Preserve your children’s best interests by staying active in their lives

One of the most devastating consequences of a divorce or separation is your potential loss of a continuing role in your children’s lives. The type of child custody specified in your divorce judgment may severely limit access to your child.

At the Murfreesboro child custody law firm of McCarter | East PLLC, our Tennessee visitation attorneys assist parents in obtaining just parenting plans and custody arrangements that match the best interests of their children.

Parenting plans

A parenting plan is a schedule outlining the non-custodial parent’s visitation time with the children. The parenting plan typically defines a new family structure, and it should serve both parents and their kids, considering the children’s special needs and health care or educational requirements. A visitation lawyer at our law firm strives to create a parenting plan that works for you and your family, now and in the future.

Grandparent and stepparent visitation

While grandparents and stepparents may be extremely involved in a child’s life, grandparent visitation and stepparent visitation orders are granted only under particular circumstances.
Grandparents may be awarded some visitation if the parents are unable to properly care for their children, as a result of absence (such as military service or incarceration), extreme mental disability, or drug use, or if the parental environment proves dangerous for the child’s welfare. When awarding grandparent visitation in Tennessee, the courts typically review the relationship between grandparent and child, and whether the child has already lived with the grandparent.

A stepparent may be granted visitation if the stepparent is responsible for child support, if the stepparent has a strong relationship with the child and if visitation with the stepparent is in the child’s best interest.
Our Murfreesboro visitation lawyers are prepared to help grandparents, stepparents and other relatives obtain visitation rights with the children, and we also represent parents vying to retain full visitation rights.

Visitation order modifications

No matter the circumstances of the relationship, the custodial parent is not permitted to withhold visitation from the non-custodial parent unless legal action is taken. For instance, a mother cannot prevent the father from seeing his children because he is late on a child support payment. Instead, the mother would have to seek a modification order to amend the terms of the agreement.

If there is any danger in the family relationships or a material change in circumstances for either parent, a modification of the visitation order may be best.

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