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Protecting your financial rights at the time of your divorce and in the future

The end of your marriage does not necessarily mean the end of your relationship with your former spouse. Aside from child custody and child support arrangements, your divorce may also involve some form of alimony. Alimony is a payment from one spouse to another intended to allow the economically disadvantaged spouse to enjoy the same standard of living as during the marriage.

Tennessee alimony lawyers at McCarter | East PLLC represent husbands and wives in alimony proceedings, arguing for the most advantageous alimony solution for clients.

Tennessee alimony options

Tennessee family law outlines four different types of alimony:

In Solido: This lump sum payment is typically applied to cases in which one spouse has received more property during asset division. If one spouse gets the house, that spouse may pay alimony in solido to the other spouse to level the financial playing field.

Transitional: Established in 2003, this type of alimony is a monthly payment plan designed to provide the disadvantaged spouse financial stability while adjusting to economic circumstances following the divorce. There is usually a time limit on transitional alimony payments, and the decree is not subject to post-divorce modification.

Rehabilitative: Rehabilitative alimony is intended to get the supported spouse back onto his or her financial feet after the divorce, particularly when that involves continuing education or job retraining. These payments end once the supported spouse remarries or moves in with a third party, or either spouse dies.

In Futuro: Common in long marriages, these alimony payments endure until the supported spouse remarries or cohabitates with another person, or either spouse dies. In futuro alimony payments should provide the supported spouse the ability to maintain the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage.

How Tennessee courts determine alimony payments

Although there are standard or general guidelines for rulings on child support, property division and even child custody, alimony is entirely up to the court’s discretion. The court considers a number of factors:

  • Each party’s earning capacity and other economic resources, including retirement plans
  • Each party’s ability to return to school or otherwise improve his or her earning capacity
  • Age, health and mental stability of each party
  • Duration of marriage
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Parent with primary custody of minors
  • Each party’s contribution to the marriage

Your alimony attorney at McCarter | East PLLC protects your rights when you are headed for divorce. Our lawyers know the law and strive to understand your position in the divorce and to find compromises that work for you.

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