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Sex Crimes

Sexual assault and rape are exceptionally serious crimes. In cases involving minors, such crimes often become even more serious. In many cases of sexual assault, punishments can include life imprisonment regardless of previous convictions the convicted may have. Also, serious sex crime punishments usually preclude the possibility of parole.

Those convicted of sex crimes also face a severe social stigma, one that may irrevocably damage their personal and professional lives. If a convicted person has a career in elementary or secondary education, that career is unquestionably over.

If you face sexual assault charges in the state of Tennessee, you must take swift action to attempt to protect your name and freedom. Contact a Murfreesboro sexual assault defense attorney at McCarter | East PLLC immediately.

Types of sex crimes

Many different offenses fall under the umbrella of serious sex crimes. None should be taken lightly. The most common of these crimes include:

  • Rape. Rape involves a person forcing sexual intercourse on another party, without the consent of that party. It is widely considered to be the most underreported violent crime in America.
  • Sexual assault. Sexual assault is any form of unwanted touching forced on a victim by a perpetrator. It is often man on woman, but may involve any gender combination. Children may also be considered guilty of sexual assault. What exactly sexual assault entails may vary widely by local jurisdictions, and is also influenced by social and cultural standards.
  • Child pornography. This includes photographs, video, or any recordings of minors engaged in sexual activity. It is a crime to create or possess child pornography.
  • Incest. Incest includes any sexual activity between closely related individuals. It is a criminal offense, as well as a taboo, in almost every society and is a serious sexually related crime in the United States.

If you stand accused of any sexual crime in the state of Tennessee, you must act proactively and quickly to mount a strong legal defense. Contact a sexual assault defense attorney in Murfreesboro at the law firm of McCarter | East PLLC to begin your defense.

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