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There are many different types of legal representation a person can need. A Murfreesboro divorce attorney, for instance, can be useful if you are having issues with child custody. Or you may want a criminal attorney if you have been charged with a serious crime. A business lawyer may be able to sort things out if you are having trouble with your business. No matter what the problem is, if it falls under criminal, family, business, construction, or insurance law, you can be sure McCarter, Catron & East is the right firm for the job.

Gilbert W. McCarter, II

This founding partner of our firm graduated cum laude from the University of Tennessee. He started his practice with a focus on domestic relations, making him the excellent Murfreesboro child custody attorney he is today. Gilbert handles issues of divorce, separation, alimony, and prenuptial agreements, among others. He is certified as a Rule 31 Mediator. Also serving as a criminal defense attorney, he can add personal injury and business litigator to his impressive resume as well. He has served as the representation in many high-profile cases, and has had satisfied clients in his career as a criminal law attorney. Read More >>

Kirk D. Catron

As another founding partner of the firm, Kirk is also an experienced criminal defense attorney in Murfreesboro. He has defended many clients against charges such as DUI, drug possession, rape, and murder. His work with families allows him to assist clients in successfully obtaining divorces, child custody, and child support. Lately, his practice has broadened into the area of insurance defense litigation. He has represented clients in all levels of the court, and does not shy away from the tough responsibilities that go with being a criminal law attorney. Read More >>

Brock East

Brock is the third founding partner of McCarter, Catron, & East. Since joining our team, Brock has concentrated his practice on being a business attorney in Murfreesboro. His work with contractors, developers, and employees is an immense source of professional satisfaction to him. He prides himself on being the best business law attorney in Murfreesboro. Contract negotiation, risk management, employee issues, collection, and business litigation are all areas in which he can assist you. His prior experience as a criminal attorney has also allowed him to lend his skill in several high-profile criminal cases. Read More >>

Aaron J. Conklin

Aaron is a Rutherford County native with a wide range of law practice experience since beginning his practice in 1997. Aaron began is legal career as law clerk to Rutherford and Cannon County Circuit Court Judge J.S. “Steve” Daniel. At end of his clerkship, Aaron opened his own law office, located in Smyrna for two years before relocating to Murfreesboro. Aaron litigated cases in state and federal courts across the state of Tennessee when he joined the law firm of Mills & Cooper, located in Brentwood. Read More >>

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